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$30,000 per year with our college recruiting program

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Since 2008 we have helped over 2000+ athletes in the college recruiting process, saving our clients on average $30,000 in tuition & fees per year. 

Our network consists of 20,000 college coaches and more than 3000 schools within the NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA and CCCAA. 

About Athletes USA

  • In the RIO 2016 Olympics we had 5 participating athletes, all currently enrolled within the NCAA.
  • We represent 27 sports
  • $30,000 is the average sport scholarship we secure for our clients


How we get results for our athletes

Our college recruit network

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Over 2000+ success stories and counting

Success Stories


"Without Athletes USA, my dream would have never come true. "

Jorge Gómez Sanchez, Soccer (Drafted to MLS after Temple University)

We provide you with all the exam information you need for college acceptance. This includes SAT, ACT and TOEFL.

Our scouts will work with you to create a personal plan towards your college requirements.


Personalized plan                                     Online Profile                                       Recruiting Video

Having a good video to showcase your talent can help get you more interest from coaches. That's why we help creating and designing your videos. 

Program & Pricing options

With over 16,000 visits per month, your profile will be seen by coaches in the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and CCCAA.

Personal Scouting team                                                                           

Our team will provide you support and guidance with the NCAA or NAIA registration process if required.


All our team members are former college athletes or coaches. We will guide you through every step of the process.

Phase 1 - Preparation 

What's included in our program?

Phase 2 - Marketing 

We know what coaches budgets are and will make sure you are getting the best  scholarship deal possible.

Athletes USA placement team will personally reach out to college coaches within NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA or CCCAA.

Verbally committing to your chosen school is the first step to securing your college placement.

  College Marketing                             Coach Connection                         Scholarship Negotiation

 Selecting a school                                    Verbal offer                                      Application                           

Once we have identified which schools you like we will connect you directly with the coach for an interview.

During this stage we will help provide you all the information you need to make a decision for your college future.

Now you have verbally accepted we will help you complete your application to your chosen school.

U.S law requires all international students to obtain an I20 from the college. We will help secure this I20 for you.

*International students only

Phase 3 - Registration 

Once your application process has been completed you will receive your National Letter of Intent, which is your official acceptance of scholarship.

 NLI                                                           I20                                                Visa application    

Our team will provide you with assistance and guidance to secure your student visa.

*International students only

We help our athletes change schools completely free of charge.

Internships                                           Transferring                                      Team support

Phase 4 - During college 

Our U.S office will help you with internship opportunities during your college enrollment.

With our head office based in America you will have direct access to our team to provide you with support as you need.

If you aspire to turn professional after college sports, our scouts will work with you to connect you with potential sponsors.

Pro                                                       Jobs                                             Ambassadors Club

Phase 5 - After college 

Want to stay in the U.S. after college? We will help you secure an OPT visa allowing you to secure a U.S. job, with one of our many US partners like Apple, Nike, IBM, Coca Cola and many more.

Athletes USA Ambassadors club provides opportunities for our athletes to give back and join an alumni network of over 2000+ former clients.

When your profile is live, coaches can contact you directly with the request contact button in your profile.

We always recommend to start sooner than later. The reason for this is the more time we have to work with you, the easier it is to acquire scholarships.

Pay in full 

One time payment 2500USD

Pay monthly 

Five easy payments of 


Pay later

Down payment of 145USD 

then 5000USD when 

verbally accepting an offer.

If you select our complete membership program and pay in full or pay monthly, you will receive a full refund. Pay later clients only pay the final fee upon verbally accepting an offer.

Complete Membership

Yes, you can upgrade anytime to our complete membership. With complete membership you will have the benefit of having an experienced Athletes USA team manager to secure your scholarship.

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What is included in this program? 

This program is invite only. You will need to speak to one of our scouts to make sure you qualify.

Do I have to build my profile? 

Our recruiting guide is a step by step guide explaining to you what you have to do each step of the way.

Online profile only 


Online profile 

+ Video editing


Online profile 

+ Video editing

+ How to get portal

+ 10 college introductions

+ 6 20min college recruiting coaching calls


Need financing?

Online Membership


When should I start the program? 

How do I qualify for the program? 

What if I don't get any colleges interested in me? 

No, you just provide us with your information and our team will create you a great looking profile.

How do coaches contact me? 

Our team works with you

What's included in the recruiting guide?

* Financing available for US residents

Can I upgrade?

All Phases 1 - 5 as seen above are included.